Wednesday, October 19, 2016

belle âme

(Beautiful Soul)

Had a quick shoot using an Iphone 5

Top: Link
Bag: CLN
Shoes: Janilyn

Awesome shots by: @alaizahfeye on instagram

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Our family was always visiting Tagaytay, since it’s near in Manila and there are numerous admirable restaurants in Tagaytay. My summer vacation just started and my mom and aunt just randomly asked me to go to Tagaytay with them.  On our first stop, we bought doughnuts for our breakfast to fuel us for the whole day’s trip. The travel time from Manila to Tagaytay was just 1hour and 30minutes.

On our second stop, we had our lunch and ate a mouthwatering bulalo. We also enjoyed the view of Mount Taal. Our third stop was at Skyranch, Tagaytay, I joined my cousin and we tried a few rides. And our last stop was at Mr. Moo bought a bunch of their products. That sums up my Tagaytay 2016 trip.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Sem break had started, and I’m here sitting in a coffee shop. Thinking of ways to make this short vacation from school more productive and interesting. I’m planning to go to a theme park with my family, shoot with my best friend, one day movie marathon, a lot of food tripping, shopping, fixing my stuff for school and doing more shoots for the blog. 

But I should wait first for the releasing of grades and get myself enrolled before I fully enjoy this vacation. For now I’m contented with this cup of coffee with me and the person that I’m with. While I’m writing this blog post.