Monday, September 29, 2014

My Life Lately

My life lately... I've been so busy lately with my school works and other stuff. But here's a photo of what I've been doing with my life lately, my school works are not included (but I'll make a blog post for my school works :)soon.  )  

I took the first & second photo with my gorgeous cousin Debbie from Canada, who had her vacation here in the Philippines. 

The first photo is taken at an open field in Clark, Pampanga, Philippines. Near the place where we celebrated our clan reunion. The place is perfect for playing football, Frisbee, biking, and jogging. 

The second photo was taken at Starbucks(obviously) a day before my cousin go back to Canada. 

The third photo is taken at Chevy's burger, and

the fourth to seventh photo was taken when I'm doing cardio workout.

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