Saturday, December 6, 2014

 1.) Mortar & Pestle - Apparatus that we use in compounding drugs.

2.) Travelling North – Captured the beauty of sunset.

3.) Iron man – So much love for this Playboy, Millionaire, & Genius Marvel hero. Watched Iron Man 1, 2, & 3.

4.)  Lock Screen – That's my body. lol! 

 5.) Life Lately – That’s the title haha!

 6.) Nike – Bought a new Nike stuff.

 7.) Chillin’ – I’m usually at Starbucks with my classmates recently. Because I’m collecting the stickers for their planner.

8.) Fun Run – I’m a Certified 5k Runner! We run for a cause, world COPD day 2014! Run Lung.

9.) 2015 Planner! – Finally, I got my planner from Starbucks for the year 2015! I’m excited to start planning the year 2015.

    I’ve been so busy lately. Second semester had start already, and I’m having three major subjects in one semester as a result I wasn’t able to post something new on my blog. But I’m trying my best to do more blog post again.  :)

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